Join The Learn Club – Virtual or In Person

  1. Control Yourself. You cannot control anything or anybody else. Focus on what YOU can do.
  2. Help Others and Let Others Help You. We are in this together. Let’s act like it. Do something for someone else. Let other’s do something for you.
  3. Self-Care. First, take care of yourself. Good nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and personal space and time to refresh. As the flight attendant says, put your mask on first.
  4. Daily Rhythm. Build a daily rhythm of activities. Create some normalcy, fun and purpose. Social media has some great ideas of what others are doing.
  5. Stay Connected. Virtual game nights, FaceTime, happy hours are some of the things I see on social media. Don’t waste these moments. This can be a tremendous opportunity to connect and restore relationships.
  6. Look Ahead. What plans can we make to create more safety in the future? Do you want to do something different? Should your business pivot? Take time to dream and envision your future. Then, make a plan of how to get there. When you have a plan, the dream becomes reality.
  7. Prayer. Faith can overcome our fear. Faith in God is an anchor that creates unshakable peace in my life.