Peace Inside / With Yourself 

  • Having peace inside or with yourself involves many things, but one important piece is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you understand what’s happening and why. This gives you a sense of clarity and empowerment to take action.
  • Taking time to practice mindfulness is a great way to get to know yourself. Carve out time and turn off distractions to become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and body.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises is not hogwash! The science shows that it relaxes your body, lowers your blood pressure, and counters anxiety – all helpful at creating peace inside.
  • Learning about your reasons for doing things, including deeper motivations and beliefs, is also vital to knowing yourself. This helps you differentiate yourself from others.
  • Boundaries are great tool to learn – not just to be able to protect yourself from harmful people and things outside of you, but also to protect you from yourself.