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These are gifts that often do not cost anything but can mean everything! For those with the Love Language of acts of service, serving them is one of the best ways to say, “I love you”.

Serving others means the most when you know what is meaningful for the person you are serving. Random acts of service are great as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Think of something your partner REALLY wants done. Then, do it!
  2. Wash and clean his or her car.
  3. Do a daily or weekly task that your partner normally does. Just remember if the task has some very specific steps, you may want to think about another one. When I tried this years ago, I washed a special sweater of my wife’s and put in the dryer on high. I did not get any points for that one!
  4. It’s Christmas. We put up Christmas lights. My wife loves them. I hate putting them up. I put them up anyway. She appreciates it.
  5. Think of something you can do together to make the work lighter. You get a task done and spend time together.
  6. This one takes more time. Set aside an entire day for the TO DO list. Let your partner know, or surprise them. When my wife is gone for travel, I often try to check off one major task on the TO DO list.
  7. Every day for 12 days give a massage. One can be a full body massage by a masseuse, others can be simply a foot massage.
  8. Cook dinner, if you normally do not cook dinner. 
  9. Get his or her coffee/tea ready in the morning.
  10. Grocery shop, if you normally do not do the shopping.
  11. Give him or her a day off. You do EVERYTHING she or he would normally do.
  12. After Christmas, work together to take down all the decorations. 

Hope these ideas will spur your imagination. Acts of service is the love language of my wife. I learned early in our marriage the importance and impact of doing things for her as well as recognizing her acts of service toward me (just as important!). 

Enjoy serving that important person in your life!