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Words have the power to build or destroy, help or hurt, and heal or wound. This Christmas, or any time of year, give the person you love some words to build, help, and heal. Below are some ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Day 1 – Hand written note describing a trait you most appreciate in your partner, family member or friend. Leave the note in a place he or she will discover.

Day 2 – Text a single word four different times in the day that describes him or her.

Day 3 – Post a fun* photo of the person on social media. She or he should think it is fun as well!

Day 4 – Write a hand written “Thank You” for something he or she did for you or continues to do for you.

Day 5 – Mail a card, either purchased or handmade. Write a personal note. Since the mail will arrive a day or two later, you will need to think of another “word” for this day.

Day 6 – Write a note or text why you respect him or her.

Day 7 – Text four times during the day, “I am proud of you ________”.

Day 8 – Share a photo of both of you on a special moment on social media with a comment.

Day 9 – Share another “Thank You”, either by hand written note or text

Day 10 – Describe how he or she has made you a better person.

Day 11 – Describe why you trust him or her.

Day 12 – Share your dreams for the future with him or her. This one could be a letter!

Can you do me a favor? Let me know how your partner, family member, or friend was impacted by the Magic of Words. Thanks!