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I have given you some ideas about ways to communicate love to your partner apart from an actual physical gift. In this blog, let’s talk about physical gifts. I want to give you some ideas for gifts that don’t break the bank. The key? Picking out gifts that match the needs and desires of your partner.  Here are a few ideas:

  • A favorite treat – chocolate, beef jerky, etc. The important part? It is a TREAT!
  • Surprise your partner and order in a meal
  • Go to the dollar store and pick out gifts for several days 
  • Give them a gift card to his or her favorite restaurant 
  • Buy them a subscription for streaming music for a year
  • Give them a gift for each of the five senses: smell, touch, hear, see, taste
  • The BIG gift. Ok, this one might break the bank a bit. Should be a surprise, and maybe a treasure hunt to find? Technology? Jewelry? Tool? Sporting Equipment? Clothes?

I hope these have given you some ideas for gifts. Gift-giving is another love language for my wife. She loves to give gifts. She is the only person I know that will go to an open house for a merchant who wants to say thank you to us as loyal customers and bring a gift! At Easter, she loves Reeses Eggs. So, I always buy her an ample supply. I have found small gifts that make her life easier is a great idea, either for the car, yard, kitchen or house in general (these are NOT Mother’s Day or Birthday gifts!). Every now and then at Christmas, I love to surprise her with some diamonds. I can never go wrong with diamonds!

I wish you some amazing experiences as you consider gifts that make the heart of your partner soar!