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I know, I know, for some of you touch is a really hard one. You just are not a huggy, touchy type. If the love language of your partner is physical touch, you may be starving him or her. Physical touch is far more than sex, although is pretty important, too!  Here are some ideas for physical touch:

  • Hold hands during a walk or watching television together
  • Give a morning hug every morning
  • Give a good bye kiss when walking out the door
  • Give a kiss before bed
  • Give a massage to your partner – you can learn how. A massage gun can be wonderful
  • Simply cuddle
  • Here is a challenge – have sex for 12 days straight!

My wife and I slept in a queen bed for over 40 years. We liked the “feel” of the nearness of our partner. When away from each other, we really missed sleeping near one another. If you are touchy-feely or not, physical touch is important for all of us. For some, it is the primary way to receive love. If the love language or your partner is touch, let them feel the love on a daily basis this Christmas and beyond.