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If you are reading this blog, you are considering divorce. Depending upon who you ask, divorce can be the greatest or worst decision of someone’s life. Divorce is a life-changing decision emotionally and financially. 

I began offering a Divorce Options Workshop years ago to help answer the myriad of questions surrounding divorce. Should we try one more attempt to reconcile? Would separation help us stay away from conflict and help us work through some things? We heard about legal separation. How is that different from divorce? If we divorce, do we need attorneys? Can we do the process ourselves? And, how much does it all cost?

We answer all these questions and more at our Divorce Options Workshop. Here are some things we cover in the workshop:

  • Reconciliation. Many couples have tried counseling without much success. We offer a process of collaboration and building a team around you. We help with communication, conflict resolution, and some basic other topics like money and kids. We work to find a therapist to help with specific needs for both of you; anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. With your permission, we may invite others into the process. The goal is creating a team with the single goal of healing and reconciling your relationship.
  • Therapeutic Separation. I created this process several years ago. We help you separate for a period of time, making sure issues around money and time with kids are settled. Then, the process of working on your relationship is very similar to the process of reconciliation. We create benchmarks with you to evaluate your progress and help you make decisions along the way. Some couples are successful at reconciliation, while others decide to move on to legal separation or divorce.
  • Legal Separation. Couples may select legal separation for many reasons. What both parties agree upon is creating legal and financial separation. The process is very similar to divorce. If you have children, you will need a Parenting Plan and possibly child support. You will need to settle all the assets and liabilities in your marriage. If one of you is seeking spousal support, then you will need to decide on the amount and length of time.
  • Divorce. We get questions all the time about the divorce process. You can download the papers from the local district court and work through the process yourselves. Mediation is the next step in helping couples walk through the process and assist with any unresolved decisions. You can elect to consult or retain an attorney through the process. If you involve attorneys, you can either choose a collaborative or litigation process. With collaborative family law, both attorneys are trained in mediation and work toward the common good of the family. If you select a litigation attorney, then you will go through a traditional court process. 
  • We also answer questions on parenting time, custody, retirement accounts, how to deal with the house, businesses, child and spousal support, and more!

One of the most frequent questions we get is “How much does this all cost?” The least expensive option is downloading divorce papers from your local circuit court. However, many find that the paperwork and the process can be overwhelming. In mediation, we help couples through the process, including filing with courts. Our costs are usually less than the retainer for ONE attorney. We often save couples over $10,000. A collaborative or litigated divorce can cost from $15,000 to $25,000, and that is without a custody battle. Custody battles can cost $50,000 or more. 

The Divorce Options Workshop is FREE. You can register by going to our event calendar or clicking here. We also offer FREE 15-minute consultations for you and your partner. You can attend the Divorce Options Workshop with or without your partner. We have found attending the workshop together with your partner allows you both to hear the same information at the same time. When couples get separate consultations and receive very different information, it can push them into an expensive and divisive process with attorneys. We encourage you to learn about mediation and other options first, then make a decision about which option is best for you.

We hope to see you at our next Divorce Options Workshop or connect with you on the phone for a FREE consultation.