Dr. Randall Kinnison AKA Doctor Peace

My Background

Hello, I’m Dr. Randall Kinnison, aka Doctor Peace.  I grew up in northeast Colorado beginning my formal education at the University of Colorado with a pre-med major. I became a Christian as a freshman. After that first year, I switched majors with a focus on becoming a pastor. I married my wife and we moved to Sioux Falls, SD to complete my undergraduate and graduate training. Upon graduation from seminary in 1981, we moved to Ellinwood, KS for the next seven years to begin ministry. Then, we moved to Portland, OR in 1988 and where continue to reside. Along the way we had 5 children, 6 grandchildren and over 24 foster children. While in Portland, I graduated with a Doctor of Ministry with classes from Kansas State University in Family Systems and Therapy as well.

I founded Genesis Mediation in 2005 and my mission was simple – create more peace in the lives of others every day.  Since that beginning, the Genesis Team and I have created peace for thousands of people. My vision is creating peace for 3 million people by 2030.  My team can help with conflict in almost any place in life: home, work, and communities. With over 10,000 hours of mediation, I now train, supervise and mentor others while writing books and online courses with podcasting mixed in. If you want to make a difference creating peace in the lives of others and this world, consider joining the PeaceWave or becoming a mediator. Let’s create some peace!

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