Co-parenting can be hard. With Covid, it becomes more challenging than ever. We’re here to help.

Parenting is a challenge – this is true. When parents live apart after a divorce or separation, it becomes more of a challenge; add COVID-19, state regulations, and restrictions to the mix and you have a recipe for conflict!

The increased PROBLEM of COVID-19 is…

Navigating virtual learning

working from home

risk exposure

And, many, many more problems!

Genesis Divorce and Family Center is offering a FREE webinar on navigating COVID and Co-Parenting.

There are several things co-parents can do to help reduce stress and frustration around parenting during a pandemic. This webinar on COVID and co-parenting will look at the following:

State regulations and guidelines as they relate to COVID and parenting time

7 basic guidelines for co-parents that can help reduce conflict during COVID

5 tips for healthy co-parenting with COVID

Putting your kids first, keeping them safe and secure amidst the challenges of COVID can help reduce stress and frustration for the whole family. Everyone is having to adapt to changes during this pandemic. However, when co-parents navigate these changes together, it makes a marked difference in their kid’s world.

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