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I Have a Dream for Peace

I Have a Dream for Peace

What if Americans rose up and said, “Enough”! I believe we have more that unites us than divides us. That was the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. He had a dream of justice achieved through peaceful means.

What if Americans chose to speak to each other, not at each other? What if we had serious and meaningful, and yes, difficult conversations about our problems? Not your problem or my problem, but our problems together as Americans.

What if Americans choose not to let news outlets or social media control their beliefs and thoughts? What if once again we could dream about an America that all people would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

What if Americans choose to build their cities into sanctuaries of peace instead of burning anger of destruction? What could we achieve to address injustice, poverty, mental illness, and homelessness if we were united and not divided? 

We stand on a precipice. We face an hour of decision. What will we do? I am not talking to the politicians or the leaders of commerce. I am talking to you and me. I am talking to every American. Will we stand by and allow others to further divide us? Will we stand on the sidelines and wonder what happened? Or, will we jump in the game and become part of the solution? What can we do? What will we do?

  1. We must believe in the power of one. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the course of a country, not as a politician, but as a citizen with a dream and message. He was one person with a voice for justice and peace. We have more power than you think. We must become part of the answer through our involvement in schools, neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses, city halls, and every part of our communities. What is your passion? Where can you make a difference? Join where others have a similar passion. Volunteer at a school or non-profit. Get on a committee. Gather neighbors for fun and discussions (safely, of course). Become a foster parent. Attend city hall meetings. If we want peace, if we want unity, it means involvement. We can no longer isolate ourselves. We must be heard. Martin Luther King, Jr. began a peaceful movement that moved mountains. He was one voice that united millions.


  1. We must build bridges, not walls. We must be intentional. To do nothing only allows the rift to grow and further divide us. There are forces at work that wish to divide us. We have the power to unite, to change, to move forward toward a dream of equality, justice, and peace. We build bridges when we reach out a hand, not clinch a fist. Bridges are built from both sides and met in the middle. Bridges can be of all shapes and sizes. The goal of every bridge is to bear the weight of traffic. When we build the bridge, we together create the structure to bear the weight of the problems facing our communities and nation. Let’s build bridges, not tear them down.


  1. We must, we must talk together. We must respect each other while not agreeing with each other. When people across the world with opposing ideologies sat down and spent a day talking to each other rather than about each other, a wonderful thing happened. People become people, not an enemy. They discovered shared experiences and celebrated their humanity. They realized peace comes one relationship at a time. And there it is. A relationship that can tear down walls and build bridges.


  1. Join the PeaceWave. If you want to create more peace for you and those around you, check out my website – and become part of my Facebook Group. Let’s create a community of those who are creating peace!


We are far more like each other than different. There is far more that unites us than divides us. When we reach high enough, we find the things that will unite us, not divide us. We can find a common dream. A dream of a peaceful America, a safe America, a just America, a prosperous America, and a compassionate America. Let us all become dreamers!

Get Your Peace Together

Get Your Peace Together

You have heard a similar expression, right? What would happen if you got your peace together this year? How would your life change? How would life change for others around you? What if enough people got their peace together and that peace rippled through our country?

I am starting a 3-month series devoted to helping you and others experience more peace. We will cover topics like peace with your mind, body, and spirit. We will include topics around peace with your significant other, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even random encounters. We will talk about peace with money and peace with things. Let’s get our peace together!

Anxiety is an enemy to peace. You cannot experience peace when your mind is captured by anxious thoughts. When I write this blog, our anxiety as a nation is at an all-time high of around 50%! One out of two people are experiencing abnormally high anxiety. As I examine my inner peace, I realize my anxiety is heightened. The anxiety shows up by losing sleep, thinking about exposure to COVID-19 (doctor gave me a 50/50 chance of survival), navigating the business terrain, helping aging parents, taking care of family, and the desire to impact others with peace before my death. When I stop to consider everything on my plate, there is a considerable amount of stress. I have handled stress pretty easily for most of my life. At 64, my energy level is not the same as my 40-year-old self. We all have stress and anxiety. The question? How are we dealing with it?

Anxiety can be annoying or debilitating. For me, anxiety means loss of sleep at times, lack of energy, inability to focus, and sometimes feeling a bit paralyzed. For you, it can be similar or far worse. Some people have severe anxiety making everyday life difficult. You may need medication to help settle your mind until the stress and anxiety lessens. Some need medication on a more permanent level due to biochemical imbalances in the brain.

Here are a few tips for those of us facing some anxiety:

1. Mind Dump the things you THINK about which create anxiety. I use this technique often when my mind is over active going to bed or when I wake up in the middle of the night.  You may be anxious about what you are not getting done. I need to get everything on my mind out of my head and on paper. This helps me. The next step is creating a plan of action to get things done. A realistic plan! If your plan is unrealistic, then you end up creating more stress and anxiety. Your plan must include a calendar to schedule the day and time you will get it done.

2. Think through the worst possible scenario. Now, what would be the results and how could you move forward? We often think we could not survive. We can survive, and eventually, often thrive. As a mediator, I often encounter people at some really difficult moments in life. They wonder what lies ahead. Initially, life was difficult. Then, the sky parts and the sun emerges. Life goes on. They realize many of their anxious thoughts were unfounded.

3. Meditation or Prayer daily. There are many studies to support the physical and mental health linked to meditation and prayer. I know of no other practice more helpful than exercising your mind to create stillness and peace. You need to learn to build and flex your brain muscle to bring peace and quiet. The more you practice, the faster and deeper you can go to a place of peace of mind. I will delve more into this practice in one of the future blogs.

Anxiety is the enemy of peace. Hope some of these thoughts will be helpful for you to create some peace. Let’s get our peace together changing our lives and those around us!


Doctor Peace