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Creating inner peace through mindfulness

Creating inner peace through mindfulness

Guest – Aaron Potratz, Owner and Leader of Discover Counseling in Tigard, OR.

Peace Inside/ With Yourself

  • Having peace inside or with yourself involves many things, but one important piece is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you understand what’s happening and why. This gives you a sense of clarity and empowerment to take action.
  • Taking time to practice mindfulness is a great way to get to know yourself. Carve out time and turn off distractions to become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and body.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises is not hogwash! The science shows that it relaxes your body, lowers your blood pressure, and counters anxiety – all helpful at creating peace inside.
  • Learning about your reasons for doing things, including deeper motivations and beliefs, is also vital to knowing yourself. This helps you differentiate yourself from others.
  • Boundaries are great tool to learn – not just to be able to protect yourself from harmful people and things outside of you, but also to protect you from yourself.
  • I will be releasing an eCourse on Boundaries hopefully by the end of February to explain these concepts in greater depth and walk you through how to develop these skills for yourself.
Episode 3 – Inner Peace

Episode 3 – Inner Peace

Inner peace. So elusive for so many. Today we explore how you can develop inner peace to become a person of peace. When we all create daily habits to deepen our inner peace, we create more peace in our worlds. Join me today to discover how to deepen your inner peace.