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Good to great relationship challenge

Good to great relationship challenge

Is your significant relationship just average? How about even below average, or even broken? How do your take a relationship from Good to Great?

Dr. Randall L. Kinnison, AKA Doctor Peace, offers a 14 day Good to Great Challenge to change your relationship, or at least, get it moving in the right direction.

The challenge is simple:

1. Write a love note every day for 14 days. Focus on personal traits, what you love about him or her. What drew you to him or her in you first started dating?  If you are like me, you will need to type it up. My handwriting is beyond recognition!  So, my lover gets an email in her inbox every morning. The first few days will be easy. Then, you need to really focus on what you appreciate about your significant other.

2. Do something that says, “I love you” every day. This can be simple, really simple, like starting with just picking up after yourself. You can wash a car, do the laundry, load the dishwasher. It is the small acts of kindness every day that continues to stoke the fire of love. Love is more like a slow roasting pot, not a microwave. Guys, we sometimes struggle on that one.

3. Give a gift every day that says, “I love you”. Again, these gifts can be simple and not break the bank. My wife loves Reeses Peanut Butter eggs. She loves diamonds, too! I started the challenge with giving her some roses. I am combining some gifts with some “honey do’s” around the house.

You may not get around to doing a love note, an act of service, and a gift every day. If you need to skinny down, then make sure you write the love note every day.

After 14 days, there should definitely be more smiles and hugs. The key to going from Good to Great? Consistency. You don’t need to write a love note every day, or give a gift, or do an act of service. Just remember your partner, somehow, someway, every day. Say, “I love you”. Do some simple action. Every now and then, buy a gift. BE INTENTIONAL. Marriages drift into divorce because partners quite investing in the relationship.

I will be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with samples of my love notes, actions and gifts. Follow along and see how Sharlyne responds to my 14 days of Good to Great.

This episode of The Doctor Peace Show is sponsored by the Genesis Divorce and Family Centers in Portland and Phoenix. They do three things: divorce prevention, guiding people through a peaceful divorce, and care for you after divorce. The Doctor Peace Team has amazing people trained to help create peace in your home, your work, and in your community.